14th December 2019 / 10 am - 4 pm / NEPAL


Free Entry

What is Future Festival?

Future Festival Nepal is an event that brings people of different areas together to participate and contribute to innovative and sustainable ideas. The festival brings people and organizations of various experts on a common platform to exhibit to a greater audience and share their experience. An example includes Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), good craftsmanship, social business, and technology. Small-business model working on new ideas and existing business through the exhibition. Businesses and social projects those have potential to promote, scale up and ready to internationalize are given priority to which helps social transformation.

Who is participating?

Future Social Leaders, Diplomats, entrepreneurs, Students, Musicians meet up and exchange ideas to create a nexus for the continuation of Future Nepal.

The goal of Future Festival

We are aiming to contribute to Future Nepal with direction to collaborate with sustainable new ideas.

What's Happening This Year in Nepal Tourism Board?

  • Responsible Travel Tourism Entrepreneurs
  • Social & Cultural Ideas
  • Live Music by Night Band
  • Making Kathmandu as a City of Art-Architecture-Culture
  • Code Girls
  • Sunday on Cycle
  • Tech Ideas
  • Environment Related Projects-Business
  • Made in Nepal Products Producers


Nepal Tourism Board, Bhirkutimandap, Pradarshani Marg, Kathmandu

Renu Bhandari Yolna Grimm Pradip Khadka